Size of the Group

The size of the group will be limited and set based on the size of the cast required for a production.

Age and Participation Criteria

  • Dramabuzz Senior is open to adults between the ages of 18 and 30. Candidates should be within the correct age range by the time of the performance. No exceptions will be made to this rule.
  • Admission to the group will be determined by an auditioning process each year. As well as the auditioning process, the following criteria will be considered for members wishing to join:
    • A; if you are a former member of the Junior Dramabuzz group, you will be given priority in admission, provided that the directors of the Junior production can provide a good report of your conduct within the group (see Code of Conduct).
    • B; if you were a member of a previous Dramabuzz Senior production, you will be given priority admission, provided you are in good standing with the group (see Code of Conduct).
    • C; if you are a completely new member, admission will be based on an auditioning process as this will allow us to have a benchmark of your abilities.
  • Admission to the group is not a guarantee of a main role. New members may be asked to take a chorus role or a supporting role in their first year, though this is up to the discretion of the directors.
  • All members of the group agree that they will accept whatever role they are given. Failure to do so may result in not being allowed to join the group in future seasons.
  • Without prior consent from the directors, non-members may not attend practices.
  • Members will be expected to sign a contract upon joining the group, affirming that they understand and accept these rules.
  • Married couples who wish to join the group must understand that their partner may receive a role that has a romantic interest who is not one of the partners and must be comfortable with that being a possibility.

Practices and Practice Times

  • Practices will take place on Tuesday evenings from 19:30 - 21:30. Practices will usually be once a week in the evenings, expect for extra practices that will be arranged as needed.
  • Practice times are defined as anytime in which a practice has been arranged. This includes break times and the socialising before and after. Those who are not being used in rehearsals are expected to abide by the rules that apply during practice times.
  • A member is expected to be at no less than 80% of the season's normal practices. Members are also expected to attend specially arranged extra practices throughout the season, unless otherwise arranged with the directors.
  • All members are required to be at the practices arranged in the final two weeks of practice. These practices are where we are putting things together, and it is therefore paramount that everybody is there.
  • All members are expected to attend the kickoff workshop day that will take place at the beginning of the season.
  • Though it should go without saying, all members commit to be available during all show times.

Code of Conduct

Dramabuzz Senior holds the principles of a Christian worldview. Members are not expected to be confessing Christians to join the group. They will be expected to conduct themselves in a way that has been laid out in this code of conduct. Or code of conduct is as follows:
  • No vulgar language or crude humour will be permitted during practice times.
  • The bullying of cast members will not be permitted under any circumstances. For the sake of clarity, this includes verbal abuse (ie. name calling, derision, or mockery) and physical abuse. If a member of the group has been bullied, the directors will intervene in the situation and will deal with the problem accordingly.
  • Modest clothing is to be worn by both sexes. This means that the abdominal area, cleavage, wasteline and other such areas are to be covered at all times, even when moving and stretching. We encourage members to wear plain, black, comfortable clothing like joggers, sweatshirts, and tee-shirts as these will be the most conducive to practising. Clothing with vulgar graphics will not be allowed. If a member does not abide by the given dress code, they will receive a warning from the directors. Failure to comply after having received a warning could result in expulsion and in being barred from joining the group in future seasons.
  • During practice times, cellphones are to be stored in a bag or out of sight. Practice times are for practising, and all members are expected to be present for the duration of the allotted time. Exceptions to this may be allowed at the discretion of the directors and with their permission. Such exceptions might include, but are not limited to:
    • Using your phone to access the script (applicable only if the script is electronic);
    • Using your phone while you are not required on stage;
    • Answering emergency calls or messages; or
    • any reasonable expectation that has been arranged with the directors.
  • Eating during practice times is discouraged. Eating on stage while rehearsing is forbidden. We ask that members only use the provided break time to eat.
  • Cast members will not be permitted to enter the change room of the opposite sex at any point during the productions, expect under instruction of the directors for a specific purpose. The privacy of all cast members must be honoured.
  • Absence from practices without prior arrangement with the directors may result in a warning, or in some cases expulsion. We understand that things happen and that some people may not be able to make it to all practices. However, failure to communicate such changes of plan will not be tolerated.
  • A member is to always be on good standing with the group. Failure to remain in good standing with the group may result in expulsion and in being barred from future seasons. This is defined as follows:
    • A member must abide with all the rules of the above code of conduct;
    • A member must submit fully to the authority and vision of the directors (see On the Directors);
    • A member must perform in their given role to the best of their ability, regardless of the size of the role;
    • A member must accept the role that is given to them with a good attitude;

Membership & Fees

Dramabuzz Senior is a non-profit group. All of our productions are self-funded and we therefore expect the following of our members.
  • Members must learn their lines. At the beginning of the rehearsal season, a deadline will be set for the cast to learn their words. Those of the cast who do have their words memorised by this deadline will face potential penalties.
  • All of our props, costumes, and sets will be sourced by the group. Cast members will be expected to participate in full when it comes to work-parties and props days - the production is a team effort from rehearsals to the backstage management.
  • Because we are self-funded have a joining fee of R500.00 payable upon acceptance into the cast. Payment arrangements can be organised if necessary at the discretion of the directors. This fee goes towards the various costs involved in putting a production together including venue hire, purchasing of materials, hiring of coaches and instructors if needed, and various other costs. A report of the spending of the group's funds may be requested from the directors.

The Directors

  • The directors' word is final. They reserve the right to make changes to structure of the group, to provide exception to rules, or to in any way make allowances for members as they see fit; however
  • The directors pledge to be fair and consistent with all members of the cast. The rules will apply equally to everyone, and favouritism among the directors will not be tolerated. To circumvent the possibility of such a thing happening, there will be a directorial committee made up of four members. Three of these members will be directly involved in the group and will have duties to carry out in putting the production together. However, a neutral external member will be appointed, someone who can lend an unbiased opinion in situations where needed.
  • To avoid conflicts of interest, the directors will generally not participate as main actors in a production. This is to ensure that the directors are able to fully focus on their directorial duties. The rule is not hard and fast, and can be changed based at the directorial committee's discretion.

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